Polarmoss Flex Element


A Classic

The Forest hides all who wander under its shelter.

The Classic texture, made with colored moss, resembles 

the forest shelter with its even surface. This texture is

highly versatile and creates a calming atmosphere. The

story of our new collection begins with this texture in the

original Polarmoss Flex Element.

B Silhouette

The mellow mounds of forrest terrain comfort a weary wanderer.

Made of different sized round moss shapes,the Silhouette texture

creates an invigorating sensation of forest bed mounds.

Use this texture to create inspiriting atmospheres and

bring softness and roundness into your designs.



C Scene

The Forest revieves a withered vision and awakenes a sleeping

mind. The Scene texture is a combimation of tall and short

colored moss, which creates visually imposing landscapes

similar to the forest terrain itself. When creating a surface

to present, for example a map or scenery with 3-dimen-

sional outlook, the Scene texture is an ideal solution.


D Sigh 

Hidden perspectives are met with forest breeze. The Sigh

texture, made with short moss, creates an irregular and

tangled surface echoing the refreshing, yet stirring effect

of forrest breeze. This texture is ideal when desiring an

unpolished and rugge look.


E Serenity

Entering s forest stressed a wanderer leaves with a peace of

mind. Sense the tranguility of the forest with Serenity, the

texture of whitch is like silent steps taken inforest. The

texture is made of fine shredded colored moss forming a

flat and even surface. This texture is optimal for a grass-

like look, or as a backround material in designs with

varied profiles

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