Polarmoss Sphere

Polarmoss Sphere is a beautiful product that enhances interior design.

Polarmoss Sphere is designed to focus attention and add a pleasing effect to the upper part of a room. Spheres take their shape from the action and interaction of simple physical and natural laws. Polarmoss brings this naturally into your indoor space.

There are four sizes of Polarmoss Spheres available. Used in groups, hanging at the same or different levels, they provide a unique aspect to your space.

Polarmoss Spheres are handmade from Polarmoss’ high-quality Polarmoss Extra moss that is colored and preserved. The moss of the product does not need any maintenance and is a flame-retardant.

Spheres can be hung above one another, offering more imaginative ways to use them. Polarmoss Spheres can also be placed on a table or in a bowl. Used singly or in groups, in one or several colors, they add a soft and appealing highlight to interior design.

Polarmoss Spheres are available in 16 beautiful colors.