Polarmoss interior design solution – Flex Element, made of reindeer moss – displayed in Finnish Pavilion at EXPO 2017 exhibition in Astana Kazakhstan

Polarmoss supplied Flex Element wall had a honor to be selected as one of the interior design elements picked up by Ateljé Sotamaa – designer of the Finnish Pavilion at the World Expo 2017 in Astana Kazakhstan. Ateljé Sotamaa creates poetry from materials and indeed colored and preserved moss is capable of fulfilling this noble ambition, as an unique interior design material, having fully organic natural background, growing naturally and wildly in beautiful arctic forests of Finland and providing an insight into arctic region.

This year the pavilion of Finland elaborates and emphasizes the energy efficiency and sustainability – aligned with the main theme ‘Sharing Pure Energy’ – and delivers also experiences to all human senses. By far it can be said, that our Flex Element wall and Polarmoss aspiration – Soft Connection to Nature – are well supporting the idea of the Finnish pavilion and providing unexpected and delightful interior design experience to visitors visiting Finnish Pavilion. The presence of the ‘Sharing pure energy’ theme was explicitly visible in the pavilion though the famous Finnish industry brands like Wärtsilä, Vaisala, Tikkurila, Altia, Oilon, and Wello to mention a few companies contributing strongly to a better future.

Moreover the company Polarmoss was proud to participate the National Day of Finland at Astana EXPO 2017, which was held June 20th for the celebration of Finland’s 100 years of independency during this year. This specific Finnish day at EXPO fair grounds and at the National Pavilion of Finland was honored by the President of Kazakhstan – Nursultan Nazarbayev –  and the President of Finland – Sauli Niinistö – as well, http://astanatimes.com/2017/06/finnish-president-unveils-national-pavilion-at-expo-2017-in-astana/. A great number of Finnish artists made the day also very special and unforgettable. Our Polarmoss representative was also part of the ceremony, where Santa Claus coming all the way from Finland was awarding the prizes on Dibidogs drawing competition to the winning school’s kids during the National Day of Finland – also Polarmoss Interior Design products were awarded as prizes to the kids and teachers coming from the award winning school.

More information on Finnish Pavilion at Expo 2017 can be found here.

Astana Expo 2017 Kazakstan Pavilion

Kazakstan Pavilion


Astana Expo17 Finland Day 20th of June

Finland, Day 20th of June

Astana Expo17 Reindeer Moss as embellishment

Reindeer Moss as embellishment

Astana Expo17 Moss wall reviewers in Finnish Pavilion

Moss wall reviewers in Finnish Pavilion

Astana Expo 17 Moss wall in the Finnish pavilion

Moss wall in the Finnish pavilion

The winner school class of Dibidogs competition

The winner school class of Dibidogs competition

Astana Expo 17 Polarmoss met Santa

Polarmoss met Santa