Polarmoss introduces the renewed Polarmoss Flex Element

Polarmoss press release 12 October, 2015


Polarmoss’ second version of moss element takes the moss interior designing to the next level

Polarmoss today introduces the Polarmoss Flex Element, the renewed version of its moss element product. The Polarmoss Flex Element offers easier and quicker installation as well as limitless re-modification possibilities to the modern moss interior design.


The Polarmoss Flex Element is extremely easy and quick to install. The new manufacturing and installation methods with the hook fastener tape allow  the installation of the  Flex Element on surfaces like walls directly.  There is no need for other construction materials, screwing etc. anymore. Also the alignment of the lightweight Polarmoss Flex Elements in the design is easy as the product can be detached and attached again and again. The hook fastener tape is included in the sales package of Polarmoss Flex Elements.

Re-modification of the moss interior design surface is a feature of the Polarmoss Flex Element. It is easy to vary the design with different-colored Flex Elements quickly by rearranging them. The variation possibility with beautiful colors of Polarmoss Flex Elements allows changes for the interior surfaces with different styles and ambiences e.g. according to the seasons changes or when preferred.

Reshaping the Polarmoss Flex Elements by cutting them enhances the possibility of unique and characterful design solutions. It is easy and quick to cut into different shapes and patterns of your preference. This feature of the product also offers additional re-variation possibilities for the moss design.

The flexible qualities of the Polarmoss Flex Element make it also the ideal product to be used on curved surfaces, for example around the columns. Due to its easy installation to also other than  straight surfaces, the product offers versatility in its use for different shaped surfaces.

“We are happy to offer the renewed Polarmoss Flex Element to our current and new customers in different markets”,  said Anna Leena Ollikainen, the managing  director of Polarmoss. “With  its innovative  design  it brings true benefits and  effortless dynamic to the moss interior design surfaces  that has not been experienced  before. It is a contemporary way to  create an interior design with natural material.”

The high-quality Polarmoss Flex Element is a maintenance-free, flame-retardant, sound-absorbing, interior design surface product that also acts as an indicator of good air humidity. Products’ unique surface textures and the shapes of the moss material add a living dimension to an interior design. The Polarmoss Flex Element is available in 16 beautiful colors and in two different sizes: 40 x 60 x 5 cm / 15.8 x 23.7 x 2 in, 4 pcs in a sales package and 60 x 100 x 5 cm / 23.6 x 39.3 x 2 in, 2 pcs in a sales package. The distinctive product’s design is protected with Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) by Polarmoss.