Polarmoss Dried Natural Moss and Polarmoss Colored Moss

Polarmoss reindeer moss is authentic natural material that is used in multiple ways in outdoor and indoor decoration. It is also beautiful material for further processing. The raw material is available in different product qualities of dried natural moss, and the colored and preserved loose moss product is available in different colors.

Polarmoss Interior Design Products

Soft connection made with reindeer moss

The distinctive products of Polarmoss Interior Design include moss elements that are interior design products for interior surfaces like walls, moss interior decoration products to be placed on walls or tables and hung from ceilings, as well as customized products that are manufactured by agreement with the customer.

The products’ unique surface textures and the shapes of the moss material add a living dimension to interior design. Their profound beauty invites touching. Polarmoss’ interior design products offer a genuine experience of a soft connection with the natural surroundings of northern forests in the interior spaces of public and private buildings.


POLARMOSS, founded in 1985, is a Finnish company that is one of largest manufacturers and suppliers of dried and colored reindeer moss products in the world. Polarmoss designs and manufactures handcrafted high-quality interior design products from colored and preserved reindeer moss.

The company’s entire production chain is carefully handmade; from environmentally responsible handpicking of raw material, available in northern forests, to packing of Polarmoss Interior Design products for worldwide deliveries.

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Materials and Colors

Reindeer moss is 100% natural material. Polarmoss’ production starts from the forest. Picking the correct grades of moss is very important for the high-quality products. With a long tradition of knowhow we do this best in the world.

The Colored Moss is manually colored and preserved in our manufacturing processes. The material is maintenance-free and flame-retardant, retarding ignition of the underlay material. All Polarmoss Colored Moss and Interior Design products are available in several beautiful colors, offering variable possibilities for creating different styles and atmospheres.

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